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Accelerating recovery and restoring balance to let you get on with the things that really matter to you.

Sports Massage Therapy is designed to assist in addressing soft tissue problems and imbalances. It can be beneficial to anyone whether you’re an athlete, looking to support your training program, or you are looking to relax and aid those every day aches, pains and muscle tightness.

Applied before and after exercise, sports massage may play a part in enhancing performance and assisting in faster recovery. It is also considered to help with relaxation, relieving tension and anxiety contributing to our mental and physical wellbeing.

Key Benefits of Sports Massage Therapy


Treatment Options

We offer a number of options to hopefully suit what is best for you but if you don’t see what you need feel free to get in contact by using the contact form or giving us a call on: 07538 657 767



A one to one video consultation carried out by Zoom. This will involve me being able to talk to you about the type of pain or issues you are experiencing, carry out a visual assessment and if necessary as you to complete a number of movements. If there are stretches or moves I feel could help you I will demonstrate these and ensure you can perform them correctly. Make sure your space and camera are set up so I can see your whole body if needs be. Contact to book



A popular option for those who want to focus on a specific problem area. Maybe your shoulders are feeling a bit tight or you’ve been struggling with a painful back. Also ideal for a regular top up.

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This option gives us more time to invest in tackling multiple areas. It provides the time to be thorough if you have a number of concerns. .

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This option gives us more time to invest in tackling multiple areas. It provides the time to be thorough if you have a number of concerns. Also ideal if you are looking for more of a body maintenance sports massage.

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Meet Caroline

Caroline Short

Professional Sports Massage Therapist with a Diploma in Sports Massage Therapy

In 2018 Caroline provided support to runners at the London Marathon and the Portsmouth Victory Run and provided massage to the Aerial Performers at Luna’s Circus Fest in November.

Having suffered her own lower back problems for many years and receiving various treatments, Caroline has a first-hand experience of the benefits of Soft Tissue Therapy and regular stretching. It is this experience that has given her the desire to help others in the same way.

Caroline will take the time to understand the needs, concerns and expectations of every client to ensure a successful and appropriate treatment tailored to the individual in a relaxed and friendly environment.

Her passion is to help others to feel better physically and mentally by offering a high standard of Massage targeted at relieving pain, tension and discomfort.

Caroline is a qualified Sports Massage Therapist with a diploma in Sports Massage Therapy.




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  • Lizzie Blandford
    Amazing treatment! Caroline really helped me get through marathon training earlier this year and kept me pounding the pavements.
    Lizzie Blandford
    via Facebook
  • Chris Bennett
    I've been to a few sports therapists in my time, but I keep coming back to Caroline. She may be small but she packs a punch with my muscles.
    Chris Bennett
    via Facebook
  • Fenella Fegg
    Caroline has a very kind and understanding personality. She is very knowledgeable and I learnt a lot about self care as well as how she can help me. As for the massage she is so good. I have had many appointments and will always return if the need arises.
    Fenella Fegg
    via Facebook


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We are proud to offer Sports Massage Therapy at the Nuffield Health Gym in Portsmouth


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