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Now qualified in Kinesiology taping.

Always wondered why those atheletes are covered in coloured tape? Me too.

Kinesiology taping is a relatively new concept bought about in the 1970’s by Dr Kenzo Kase. He developed the tape to correct abnormailities
of muscles and myofacial tissues around painful joints. Kinesiology tape has grown in popularity as part of injury management
and rehabilitation and compared to traditional taping methods it allows the muscles to function normally and doesn’t restrict

There are a number of benefits dependant on the tension and application of the tape. Most commonly the tape is used to lift
the skin to create space and reduce presure around points of pain and tension. It can help to gently reposition the tissues and support
improved posture.

Due to the use of the tape being a relitivley new principal there is limited research and evidence into the effectiveness but
the understanding of the clinical benefits are as follows:

– Increased Circulation of blood and lymphatic fluid
– Reduction in swelling and pain
– Repositioning of joints by relieving abnormal muscle tension
– Propricioception

I can see the benefits of applying tape in the right circumstances. Essentially less pressure, less pain.
After a week of massaging clients I felt the benefits to the extensor muscles in my right arm.

So other than looking more than snazzy in the varity of colours K Tape comes in, following the right assessment I will.

Thank you to ProActive Training for providing an informative and varied course.

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