Trigger Point Massage Balls, What, How and Why?
May 10, 2020
Free Online Stretch Classes are Live
January 13, 2021

Like many small businesses in this strange time we’ve been hugely impacted by the Covid 19 Pandemic not being able to continue delivering face to face business. Sadly we also fell through the gaps in government schemes that were launched meaning we we left with no backing or support. Hopefully business will be able to resume soon but in the meantime we have set up an exciting new Crowdfunder campaign.

So how does it work? Basically the crowdfunder allows you to ‘donate’ the cost of massage now, or provide a gift to another to redeem once we a re open. Exciting right! So if like me you can’t wait for lockdown life to be over so you can get a massage and relieve all those tight and achy muscles you can pledge/purchase now through the crowdfunder.

With Crowdfunder campains there is also a possibility that Crowdfunder will match the amount raised and they have removed there fees temporarily, it’s also easy to share and send to your friends and family. Win/Win.

Check it out and read the full story here:

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